Anastasia, Broadway, and School

Date: 4/15/2017

By ace200

I was seeing Anastasia on Broadway, but the audience was circular around the stage and I could barley see anything in the side. Ramin and all the actors kept screwing up and I was really disappointed. I made a poll on the Broadway Facebook account about favorite Princesses in musicals. I went to an almost boarding school where I was seen as a tomboy. I saw three guys making fun of a fat one and told them to knock it off. The leader of the three some told one of the guys, who I know as Patrick from my school in real life; to beat me up. He took his shirt off and I backed into a corner, scared. He punched me once in the stomach. I went to the nurse and then back to class, angry. Patrick later told me he was sorry and didn't want to do that, but had to. I then went home and couldn't figure out my math homework for the life of me.