the (killing) game

Date: 2/10/2017

By Tjika

I was in some sort of game with real people. It was my job to kill a certain kind of people, like the guards or something, but I soon just started killing everyone I saw, which was sort of part of the game. Then me and a group of others were put in a maze with different assignments which we had to complete one by one. Our individual goal was to finish first, but as a group it was important to complete the things from the chest we got in the beginning. Ours was just dumped in the water though and we had a lot of trouble finding all the pieces. Most members of our group gave up on it immediately, but me and a few others stayed behind to finish the chest quest. After a while another group was dropped in the same spot as us with their chest, which meant we were really slow, but they understood and felt sorry for us, because the game makers had not been careful with our chest.