Another time travel dream.

Date: 3/14/2019

By Deanren1981

Another time travel dream. What is it with me and time travel dreams? Anyway. This time it was in West Yorkshire, at the waterpark in Hemsworth. ('The UK for the dream readers') I had to go there to find my girlfriend. In the real world, she's my ex girlfriend now. Anyway. In my dream I knew I'd time travelled to the past to 1979 from 2018. I found my girlfriend, and then knew we had to go back to 2018. I noticed I had a newspaper on me that I had brung from 2018. I suddenly got this idea about the lottery. As there were lottery numbers that had already been played in the newspaper. So we walked, and flew around the waterpark looking for someone to give these lottery numbers to. I was trying to explain myself to anyone who would listen to me. I found this kid of about 11 yrs of age, and I tried explaining my plan to him, and said I'd split the winnings with him, but I told him he couldn't play the numbers until 2018. As I gave the kid the newspaper, I woke up. In the dream it felt so real, like all dream's do. I wish I could've remembered those lottery numbers. Maybe they would've been winners. In the real world of course.