touching a young orca whale with dead grandma, golden child and monkey?

Date: 7/9/2017

By headFeed

we travel up north to visit my deceased grandma and great aunt. i travel by bus with my mom but its from my highschool? i see some made up classmate get off a stop before mine. i fall asleep on the bus. i get off a stop but my mom doesnt. i have no idea where i am. theres a kid thats looks golden there. i ask him where i am but he seems lost too. i see a billboard with the local map on it but its very very zoomed in. i read the area name (i forgot what it said but i did read it, it started with an E i think. i ask him if he knows where my area name where i used to live is even though im trying to find my grandmas house. i walk up a hill since it feels right, the kid says sayonara and i say bye bye and we part ways. i see a 711 where a small store used to be and realize i went too far. i go down a little more and find the house. im wearing a very cute flowery dress even though i never wear dresses. i pause and look at my great aunt and grandma in the house and then greet them. they seem sad. my mom walks in now. she looks younger and shes kind of glowing. everything is very bright and glowing. i see wallpaper in the other room gone as if theyre doing something to the house or selling it. we all get in a car to head somewhere. my mom asks me if there was a monkey on the bus, i vaguely remember a golden monkey there but also remembered the golden child and didnt want to say yes if it was offensive or something to the child even though hes not here. the ocean is on our left and something strange is coming up. one of them touch it from the car and says its a whale and theyre actually touching it. the ocean is very pretty. i go near it and it flips gently and i touch it. i see that its very happy im very happy. my mom says in a happy announcers voice that if we take a video of this itll be sensational in japanese. i feel warm and very very happy. i wake up from my phone vibrating in the other room and i swear i think i was smiling in my sleep.