Vacation prep and satellite

Date: 8/31/2019

By lauriemae

My grandma picked me up from my mom's house to go in vacation to Florida. We were going to leave early the next morning. 5am to he exact. I put my purse and all of my stuff in her trunk. At Grandma's my brother and dad and a couple other people were there. Somehow it was evening now. I heard people oohs and awes so I went outside to see what it was about. They were all looking at the sky. It was like the Aurora borealis. The moon was had cool green waves and the sky was so pretty. There was a guy with a beard video camera in the yard and someone else had a telescope to watch.. I assumed he was from the news. After watching for a bit, we saw a satellite floating down. It floated like it was lighter than air. It eventually landed in the yard. After that I decided I wanted to go sneak a cigarette while I had a chance. They were in my purse in Grandma's car trunk. But her car wasn't there where the cars were parked. I asked where the car was, but it was not there. I had a few dollars in my pocket and they kept falling our. U didn't want my grandma to know I was smoking so I just said I needed to out my money away so I wouldn't lose it. As I was going to walk to the car, some guy was loading up the satellite to take away. I assumed he was from NASA. That's it, then I woke up.