Missionary of Death

Date: 4/1/2017

By TempusVernum

It was a world in which running away from school was punishable by death-- and that's exactly what happened to my friends and I. We ran away and were on the run for some time before the authorities finally caught up to us. We were dragged to this old Spanish missionary looking place. Not so bad right? It was beautiful. They roughly pulled us into one bedroom and left us there (for my own memory, the people were Isa, Gibby and I). We were to stay the night there. When we woke up, it was to the sound of the bell tower ringing. Then people came to take us. It was dark outside as we were dragged down to the beach below the missionary. People lined the beach in old fashioned swimsuits (which we were now wearing). They had dead eyes. As soon as the let me go, I ran for the dock to get away from my captors... but dream balance is not always good. I slipped into the inky water and there were dozens of small black squid like things with sharp teeth that latched all over my body. I screamed and managed to get out of the water, all the dead eyed runaways still watching me. This place was a place that was meant to break you mind and body. I soon found this out. There was a part of the dock that was built up high, like a diving platform. As I sat on the dock, I saw this large triangle floating around. I knew that if I could get inside it it would teleport me away. I chased it but could never touch it. as I climbed to the top of the platform I looked up and saw more that were just too far out of reach. I guess I knew that was hopeless but I reached as far as I could to touch it and it became a black cord in my hand. I ran. As fast as I possibly could back to the missionary and past the workers and into my room, where I had the faint memory of the cord becoming the rope to ring the bell tower before I passed out on the bed. When I awoke, I knew I had to get out of here somehow. I knew I had to save everyone. Ideas started to come together and riddles solved themselves in my mind. (now in my waking self, I have no idea what those riddles were) I looked at the rope in my hand, which had now become an ear piece that one of the captors wore. I put it in to see if I could here them talking. One of them said something about looking for me. It was time to move. Now. I ran out into the stone spiral staircase and up-- to what I found to be the death chambers. There were about a dozen rooms, each containing a runaway with a different power and each possessing a different, terrible way to kill you. Some of them had attendants in them. Torturers who delighted in killing the dead-eyed people inside. In one, a girl was sitting in a chair over an endless black hole and the executioner stood on a ledge beside her. I immediately started trying to push the evil woman into the hole, but it was hard because the hole was between me and her. I succeeded, finally, but there were more people coming. I left the girl in there, thinking she was safe without the woman. When I ran back to the staircase to meet the opposition, I found a worker there who wanted to help. He saw one of the evil captors running up, grabbed him and threw him down the stone stairs, killing him instantly. I went into another room and saw it was living quarters for a captor who had been killed for helping me. It had been her earpiece I had. I went into many rooms. Some with dead-eyed people and some with lively, terrified people. All the rooms were small, some had attendants, some didn't. Some had multiple prisoners some had none. In one room in the corner were three siblings, all terrified. At least one died before I could save them. In one room, I discovered my power. The room had and attendant and a screaming prisoner as her power was tortured. I became so angry, I put my hands on the attendants chest and they became claws. Claws like the roots of a mangrove tree with many many off shoots. They were pure white and they tore apart the woman's chest. I ran to another room. Inside was a young girl, a slightly older boy, and their horribly selfish mom and grandma. The trick to this room? Only two could leave. The other two would be stuck for life. To there credit, the sent the little girl out first, but the mom and grandmother wanted to leave instead of the crying brother. I woke up before I could solve this. I had the distinct de ja vu feeling that I'd had this dream before so I know I succeeded in liberating the death-missionary.