An empty sea, a prison.

Date: 6/20/2017

By Simonbee10

We were in this ocean world. The sky was clear the water was light blue and bright. I saw an Island and swam there i tried to figure out how In could make a boat. With a boat I could sail this strange sea more quickly. My dad called me, we were going to eat. As in was heading back I saw my dad someone and someone else on the table that was right next to the ocean. A wooden platform with 5 meters between the ocean and a wall. We ate. I wanted to explore the ocean. I quickly drank some juice from a straw and went back to my island. Thijs was there too. We said hi and we both went to see the places in this world. We saw a sign with ****** what was presumably the next city. As we swam there i noticed this line that was above the ocean. This line went from city to city, "could it have been a electrical line?" I though "It doesn't look like one". We went to the city and saw a giant round white pole that was smaller how higher it got. "Look" I said to Thijs as I climbed the pole and jumped into the water. Surprised by how clear the water was I could see colorful coral everywhere on the sea bottom, which was very close to the sea surface in comparison to a normal ocean. There were no fishes. I came back up and Thijs was also climbing and jumping. Uhm. We went further, to the next city, but we were going to make a side stop. Thijs said something and pointed at a house a creepy horror house. "Cool" I thought "i love horror houses". We swam upto the house. Suddenly it was land and Imeslked while Thijs was biking. We entered the house, it was creepy and fun. Thijs seemed to have been here before I thought. He knew a bit of what was happening. He pointed at a giant crack in the wall and said that I should look there. I was a bit skeptical I expected alot of horror things that were going to happen so most of them weren't that scary. Some were like when I entered a room and there was nothing, but I looked back and this thing rushed at me and swung something to my face, it stopped just before it hit me. As I went on I saw some weird and creepy stuff, like a strange wall, there was a shark skeleton half in the floor slowly going towards me. I dodged the shark skeleton so it went into the strange wall. That strnge wall went ariund the shark and ate it, clearing the path at the same time. I went and saw many things. Finally it was done I made it out and immediately went in again with Floor(Thijs is now a some girl for whatever reason. I don't know who so I call this girl Floor) We were going though the scary stuff eay more easily. We knew what was going to happen, but some things were different. There were more puzzles, they were also more difficult. We went through them easy enough, but then there was another person. He didn't look scary at al, he looked more like someone who wanted to play skateboards with us. A boy, our age with enthusiasm in his face. "Hi, my name is Nishinoya nice to meet you" he said.We talked with him. Floor had more of a connection the I had with him. He learned us skateboard tricks. We laughed about things like me trying to speak Japanese but failing miserably. Although it was a horror house we had a good time instead of being scarred to death. After some time chatting and skateboarding Floor said what we were all thinking. We couldn't stay here forever. "We should go..." Said Floor. The teenage Nishinoya suddenly looked with despair and said "no... No don't go. I will learn you another trick. Please stay." As floor said "sorry but we've been here too long" replied Floor. "I can learn you more tricks if you want... Lets have some fun!" Nishinoya said as we looked with regret, there was nothing we could do. For some reason we already knew what Nishinoya was going to say next. "Some... Some people cannot leave.. Some are here FoREveR..." Nishinoya said his face almost crying but gradually changing to hate. As Floor tried to leave the building Nishinoya pushed me away, i fell on the ground, he grabbed Floor and went outside, he smashed the door behind him. I rushed after them, i opened the door and saw my scorpion encased in plastic... Shattered. There were plastic pieces that looked like glass and scorpion pieces everywhere. I wanted to pick it up and repair it but instead I got cut, blood streaming down. I had no time for this. I ran a bit further and heard something behind me. It was Nishinoya with some evil looking witch-like girl. "Nishinoya!" I screamed "You don't have to do it." I said with worry. "Remember the fun we had? When we laughed while learning tricks?" Nishinoya looked at me with a deep sadness that had been growing for a long time I assumed. He must've met so many people only to say bye the instant they left. It must've been hard for him. "Bite... " Said Nishinoya. The girl smirked evilish as Nishinoya said that. She bit him and collected his blood from a cut in his hand as I though of the blood on my hand that could be there next time I was here. I ran further... Never wanting to go back here again. Never wanted to return to this ocean filled world. Never.... :( I woke myself up by thinking that I should write this dream down. In the dream I thought about waking up so I woke up on 6:30 instead of 7:30. I was still feeling tired.