Croquet with Tacos and the Bathroom with many rooms

Date: 4/11/2017

By MysterSky8

I remember I was with a few somewhat friends, I don't really know them too well but am familiar with them. We are by this pond, and there is a male instructor there with a mallet. We are hitting tacos or something into the water, and then going to retrieve them and hit again. Our instructor brings a female onto the pond area and everything seems to get a little uncomfortable around her. There is also a boy who is swimming in the pond, I don't think he talks much but I like him. He looks a little like a wild child, and I think he was abused or something in the past, it's just something that I know without me asking him. The instructor gave me something important in a suitcase, I don't really remember what it was, but I remember it was something regarding the woman that made my friends and I uncomfortable. I go into the instructor's house, and there is a little girl playing. There are tons of books on the shelve and I play with the little girl, I think she is the instructor's daughter? She seemed to like playing, and we got along pretty well. My friends and I decide to leave and I try to return the suitcase to the instructor, who says it must not fall into the wrong hands. I put it in the his general area, and he doesn't really take it back even though it's super important. I'm leaving, but the suitcase isn't safe in his home. I end up leaving his house and boarding the train, I'm hoping the instructor found the suitcase and not the wrong person. On the train, it's small just for the party I'm with, and there is this guy with is I didn't notice before. He seems familiar and seems to know us, but I can't quite put my finger on it. I remember being super amazed as we were riding this train, because at points, it's like we were riding in air and it was thrilling. I remember freaking out bit cuz I knew it wasn't something trains in reality do. Somehow the train changes to a taxi, and I think I almost leave something in there, but I grab it. As soon as I step out I see the wild child from earlier with us, and he is dressed up a bit and seems perfect leaning on a tree. There is something really nice about seeing that, and in not sure why. He reminds me of a silent guard kinda in a dress shirt and slacks. His hair I remember was still super blonde and a little wild, but I liked that. So we go inside, and we immediately find ourself at a bathroom area. There are two toilets in our immediate area, and further back are different sections of the bathroom for the guys too. This woman walks into the bathroom like she works there, and questions us if we had a urinalysis yet? She even hands us the collection containers and everything from a rack. Two of my friends go to provide samples, but I don't. I walk around a bit in the bathroom and find separate doors. I remember seeing a door for ice cream, strangely finding an door for ice cream in the bathroom, I notice there are a couple of woman in there. I decide to walk passed it and go downstairs. Downstairs the doors are a bit naughty, but this isn't a R-18 dream. I continue downstairs and the wild child boy is not far from me, and I think there is one female friend with me, but I don't remember who. I continue down, and there is this door I find labeled something about sex. I accidentally fall into this room facedown, but I don't think anyone notices me thankfully, and I don't see any strange people doing the nasty, so I'm good at this point. There are a couple guys I notice, and they are just having a group talk about it. When I first found the room, I thought it was some cult or something that was doing BDSM on drugs, but it was just a group discussion on it 😂 I'm still uncomfortable in this room so I get out. I continue down and I find another room, but this one is destroyed. I cannot physically go further down further. I find this interesting, and decide to move on back upstairs. After getting back upstairs everyone is done doing their urinalysis, and I continue to explore around. Somehow I got a bike, and was riding that around inside. I specifically remember that even with a bike, you weren't supposed to hit your breaks suddenly and markup the floor. I had somewhat poor control of my breaks in this dream, and I end up breaking my bike after that and find it easier to walk and take it slow. The last part of my dream I remember is that I get to a room all my friends are in, and they ask me why I'm still wearing my shirt. Apparently they have all given each other shirts to wear, which I don't really remember. They hand me a shirt with my favorite color blue on it and so I wear it. Last thing I remember we are complementing the wild child, saying he is like a cute body guard.