mom has an asian baby?

Date: 2/13/2019

By kceisbrenner

so i was going home for break or the weekend or something & my mom came to pick me up & she had a baby with her??? and apparently it was hers but she didn't even tell me she was pregnant?? in my dream i was really excited but like i also knew that she had addy 13 years ago & she can't even have kids anymore... so anyway she had a baby boy and it was asian which also makes no sense bc my family is not asian. so i go to get in her minivan (which she doesn't even have anymore) and suddenly maddie, julia, and jazz are there and they're coming home with me. i know jazz is supposed to be at a basketball tournament until sunday so i ask her why she's here and she says, verbatim: "we just won so good that we just ended the tournament early." so i was like okay then, and i got in the van except all the seats weren't seats, they were green swivel chairs attached to the floor of the car. so we get home and then suddenly haley is there too and we're all in this giant basement and there's a ping pong table the size of half a soccer field inside. the ping pong racquet thingies are giant and there's like 20 people holding onto each one and using them to play ping pong, except the giant ping pong ball could only move in slow motion,, and then my dream ended