Rats Suck

Date: 5/18/2019

By Allforwhat

Basic Briefing: This was an iteration dream. This dream would end and then start over with variants of itself. The common factor was always the rats. In some iterations, there was a bell that gave warning of their coming. Other times, they were just there. They would take offerings of socks and food. Sometimes they’d take bites out of you if they weren’t satisfied with the quantity you brought them. At first, the dreams were about keeping them out or else they’d eat you. After those ones, it became a matter of whether you had what they wanted when they came. If you were asleep when they arrived, they’d try to kill you. If you were awake, you could offer the clothing you were wearing so they would leave you alone until next time. Some dreams, I’d be an exterminator and my methods for getting rid of the rats would be ineffective. Other times, I would think I had woken up from my sleep to realize the rats were real. They came from the unknown. They left to the unknown. Their intelligence and maliciousness varied. The worst part was not knowing if you were making the situation better or worse.