Asking Sara

Date: 3/15/2017

By Hoax

I've been thinking about my options and whether or not she would accept me as I am. I finally had a dream about it. She was a beautiful as ever, in her classic casual yet beautiful clothing that fit her personality perfectly. She roamed around the same paths in school. As I left English I ran into her, I talk my friend to go on ahead and mustered up the courage to go and speak with her. Once I lightly bumped her and said 'hey' my entire body went cold. 'I can't do this' I told myself, but knew I had to say something or nothing would ever be said. As I stumbled over my words, and barely got anything out, I ended up bullshitting something and splitting up with her and kicking myself in the ass for it. She headed into the library to my surprise because her class was up the stairs and I turned back into my room. I thought about it all class, and left early just to have an excuse to jump into the library and talk to Mr DD, just as an excuse to be in the same place as her. I shake as I go in and walk past her, and she staring at me. I shudder but keep my cool and walk to the desk where mr DD resides and strike up a conversation for a few moments as I take peeks back toward the door at her. She standing there being her awkward self, and I sound a sigh of relief, glad what I at least tried to say didn't spook her. I head on over, ending my current conversation short, and walk up to her. She turns to me, and I boldly wrap my arms around her and giggle like a child as I do. The words finally escape my mouth as the bell rings. She hears me, and let's me walk beside her as we go outside to our respective buses. She doesn't say much, but just this is enough, being in her company and all. As she gets on her bus and turns away, she turns back and says that her phone is broken and she won't be able to talk to me at all. This gives me signs of hope and despair at the same time. She wants to talk to me, or she made up an excuse not to talk to me. And I wake up, in confusion, and with a lovely headache. Now, which one was it...?