Lucid Flight

Date: 6/9/2017

By MsBananaNanner

i was either asleep or just about to fall asleep When suddenly i came to the realization that i was dreaming or about to. I felt a vibrating through my body and knew it was the sleep paralysis kicking in. I tried to remain calm and let the process happen. The vibrating moved up my body until the whole thing was shaking and just kept getting stronger and stronger until I felt like I was going to explode. I knew I was right on the cusp of full dream state so I tried to envision spinning and sinking backwards to stabilize dream. I eventually got up from my bed in the dream to explore my house and I found I was controlling a living sim, life size, human and in my house, yet I was controlling it. The vibrating had since receded a bit, but it was still there and I would repeatedly try to stabilize the dream whenever I felt it slipping. There were these goals I was suppose to do for my sim, as though it really were a game with instructions coming over speakers in my house and the first thing I was supposed to do was get her ready for a date with some Hispanic guy. I wasn't particularly interested in this dream, and knowing that I was in dream I attempted to change stuff. I found that it was difficult to change things other than my own actions so I hurried outside and tried to block out the other dream so that I could transport to one that I wanted. My sim followed me as I tried to find the exit to my house and she said it was my house(my old )house but in a circle. Once I figured it out I found the door and went outside where there was a yard alongside a road, but down a small embankment that I climbed to get to the road. I saw a girl walking her dog in a prom dress, further alerting me to the fact that it was a dream. I tried jogging away from the house down the road and the girl started giving me really weird looks. I looked down and realized I was wearing a nice dress also, though mine was shorter and was kind of torn up. With this added alertness that I was in a dream I returned to the yard and focused on making the dream the one I wanted. I had it for a second, but it quickly made the dream very unstable and I had to exit back to standing in the yard and started spinning to make the dream state stable. I tried a few times before giving up and going back inside to pick out clothes for my sim. But even then I felt the dream keep slipping and eventually lost it. When I woke up from the dream I was in another dream but somehow still immediately had the realization that I was dreaming (which is odd because that usually doesn't happen) I laid in my dream bed lying as still as I could, trying to fall back asleep, even through knowing I was technically still asleep. I could hear my mom and a girl who had just got back from running, talking outside my door, my mother explaining how she wanted the girl to wake me up as forcefully as she needed to. This made me angry as I was trying to re-achieve sleep paralysis in my dream so I kept pretending I was asleep and then fought back when the girl attempted to wake me. I kicked and screamed, shouting "increase lucidity" hoping it could give me more control over the dream, as even though I knew I was dreaming I could not force the girl to stop I could only control my own actions. Eventually I gave up, knowing my chances of falling back asleep and I guess thus falling back into my previous dream were gone. I looked at my phone to find my mom had made an automatic upload of recordings of the girl trying to wake me, which was all my screaming, and I was furious. I tried to find a way to delete them or stop the upload but I couldn't, even when I willed a delete button to appear. Somehow I came to find that though it was in a way my house, it was also a prison at I couldn't get out of because guards were everywhere. I said something to them that either convinced them to let me go or made them unconscious. Then I went to the back door and walked out defiantly and confidently. Out the back door was a huge field with lots of barbed wire fences crisscrossing all over. There were a whole bunch of people with guns who all turned to point at me when they heard me walking and I told them they had to let me go in a demanding and confident voice. They looked hesitant. Unsure of whether or not to shoot and let me keep walking while hurdling over clumps of barbed wire fences along the way. I was almost out of shooting range when one of the higher up guards bolted out of the house yelling at them not to let me get away. I immediately started sprinting towards the trees ahead of me, hearing them chasing after me. At the forest, knowing I was dreaming I took off to fly in the air. I could hear them yelling that they couldn't get me now and I laughed as I climbed higher. Then I heard one of the girls say that it was fine because she could fly too so I just said to myself, "no you can't." Now when she tried to fly she couldnt. Finally I got high enough in the sky that they couldn't shoot at me anymore so I focused on trying to make the dream more stable and more vivid by doing huge dives on my back and spinning, which helped a bit but it still wasn't fully vivid. Eventually I saw a military plane heading towards me and I knew it was them trying to capture me. I just kept flying straight at it until right before it was about to hit me, when I maneuvered under it and then grabbed onto the back of the plane, before the tail wing. Somehow I was linked into the coms system and could hear the pilot talking. I spoke a bunch of words in French(which I don't know irl) which kind of hypnotized the pilot because he didn't follow me anymore once I dropped off the plane and continued flying solo. Approaching a city there's a huge skyscraper apartment building ahead of me so I fly carefully into one window and walk across the room and fly out the window on the other side. In doing so I hear a news report on the tv saying a bunch of US agents went rogue at the same time the day before and started killing a bunch of their co workers. I smiled, knowing it was the French words I had spoken to the pilot and they had heard it over the audio. I kept flying for a while but eventually the dream slipped away and I woke up IRL