Two Worlds Collide

Date: 8/3/2019

By briannagio

The Zdzieba’s, all of our friends, and a lot of people from Journey were at a wedding. Most of us were dressed really nice, but Blake and Blane were in t-shirts and shorts. We sat a table and talked for a while. Torrie Crytzer came over and gave us all hugs and a peck on the cheek. I was with Conor Gardner, Mason and a few other guys from that group. Someone was chasing us with these little tablets. When they threw these tablets, they’d follow us until they hit us in the back and popped (like the green turtle shells in Mario Kart), and the pop would burn you a little. I was being chased by a guy in an orange shirt, and I was running so fast all around a neighborhood. I ran into someone’s house, and I thought I finally got away from him, but then I heard him somewhere in the house. A guy came out and found me, but it was Matt Presti (this was apparently his house). He hugged me and told me that he’ll help me get away. We ran outside and met up with Conor and Mason again. I was back with my regular group of friends and Conor was still with us. We all sat and talked, and Renee and Conor held hands for a second (I can’t remember why, but I know it wasn’t romantically). Later, someone asked me if Conor and Renee were together and I laughed and said “definitely not!! That would literally never happen again.” I was with Briana Rene, Ezzy and Chad Lang. We were in a forklift and driving over to a dumpster. Ezzy threw something away (it may have been a basketball or a watermelon) and we stood there and talked for a while.