School camp, with deaths

Date: 6/19/2017

By jameslecong

I was at a huge place with a huge ply playground. It looked like a camp, and the attendees were my school's students. I was having a great time there. Things got awkward when we decided to go out for a drink. Before leaving, I remember putting my wallet into my pocket. But when we were nearly there, I found that it was not in my pocket anymore. I borrowed one of my friend's bike and headed back at full speed, only to realise that my wallet was in the bag I was carrying the whole time. When I headed out to the place again, it had gotten dark, and my friends have also finished their drinks and have arrived at the camp. Time flew so fast that the me in the dream even got astonished. Then we played around the campfire. It was then that I heard the news about someone in my class being murdered​. There were even fliers with pictures of someone beheaded, but i can't figure out who. It was heavily censored, even in the dream. nevertheless, felt my rage rising and headed out to find the culprit. I nearly reached my room to take a knife with me when the alarm went off.