Date: 6/4/2017

By Mr_Mario

I was so busy today that I forgot to write this earlier, so I've probably forgotten some of the details. So, last night, I had this dream where a tornado struck my home city, which, to my knowledge, has never happened before. I go outside some time before it, and I notice a breeze picking up. I think nothing of it and go back inside (this is at my home). Some time later, I go back outside, and see that there's a strong wind. Stronger than what we normally get. Somehow, I learn that there's and active tornado in the area. The main issue for us is that we don't have a shelter, and we know that if the tornado nears the house, the house wouldn't be able to stay in one piece, or even on the ground if the tornado was that strong. So, being the Starfleet officer I am (I was a Starfleet officer for some reason (don't ask)), I make sure my family is able to leave so that they can get a safe distance away from the affected area, while Harry Kim (a character in one of the Star Trek series) and myself decide to stay behind and try to buckle down and secure the house so it doesn't fly off. I can't remember much after that.