Greece reunion

Date: 8/1/2017

By strangerdelaney

There was a NUin Greece reunion that was like a family dinner but in Boston. We were all staying at a hotel for it and Julia was my roommate. I didn't know what to wear to the dinner because I didn't know how fancy it was. Julia wasn't in our room to get ready so I called Michael and he said that she was in his room and was really high and couldn't move so she couldn't come. So then I was like dam I can't ask her what she's wearing. Then I kept wasting time doing weird things and I was running really late. I left the hotel wearing something really weird and I was late and I was like I just can't go and I rode in an uber with my dad to the place where the dinner was. But I didn't go inside because I was late and what I was wearing, I was also nervous about seeing Elias. So I just ran down a hill and then somehow ran all the way to Arden. The Ridings were having a family reunion on the green. I weirdly had a long hug with an older nonexistent cousin of theirs who was really buff. Because I said I was sad about missing the reunion and he comforted me. Then I went back to the Ridings house and took a shower but their shower had no curtain and was right in front of a giant window in the front of their house. So Tristan walked by and saw me naked but it didn't really seem to faze me.