Peado clown killer

Date: 6/6/2017

By danniedaydreamer93

A nonce lived in a cottage at the cemetery. And he owned a toy shop. And when you played with a toy from his shop for the 8th time he killed you. And when I was like 12 he tried to kill me but I escaped and we moved house and changed names so he couldn't find us. Then it was present day and Nevaeh (my 4 yo sister irl) ended up with one of his toys and he came to the house and I saved nevaeh and almost killed him with the kitchen knife and I threatened to never bothered us again... why didn't I just kill him!? Then we were on a coach and the coach driver ran over a man and he was splattered all over the window screen... turns out he was friends with the nonce. Then we got a restraining order against him as no one could prove anything to get him arrested. And he then sent us an apology but it was a recording in a creepy dolls head. So I smashed the dolls head up and sent it back and wrote him a letter saying if he ever contacts us again, I'll kill him. And to never come near my family again. He then moved countries away from us... (What made it worse is he dresses like a clown but he looked homeless at the same time and he had red eyes. Wtf. There was no rape scenes but it was just known he was a nonce?!..)