57. Dream warriorsđź’¤(astral inception)

Date: 5/29/2017

By Raul

This dream was awesome,sadly I dont remember much... mostly I remember the feeling of adventure ,discovery and being part of somerhing bigger than me. I was aproached by some people who are making a team of dream warriors. They told me I have some potential so they recruted me. They put us all to sleep and in stead of dreaming we were in some kind of astral plane. We were trained to fight and shortly after we were taken into the real battle. They told us this is a dimensiom conected to ours through our dreams and there are evil beings trying to pass into dreams and kill people (if they kill you here your soul is no longer conected to your body so you die) We had lots of battles with this creatures and also we had inception like missions and recovering information from the mind of other dreamers...