Police Abuse????

Date: 5/20/2019

By gab26

Yesterday I had a very disturbing dream that left me confused, anxious and shocked upon wakening. What I remember: walking down the street on the way to university when suddenly a random dude approaches me and begins to make gross remarks. I kept telling him to leave me alone otherwise I’d call the police. He didn’t listen and kept bugging me... we then reached my uni and proceeded to verbally abuse some other poor girl sitting on a table. I approached her and said ‘don’t listen to him. I’m gonna call the police’. He heard me, and got really angry!!! He then aggressively started shaking me while I was on the phone and began to get more and more aggressive. Then all of a sudden I was on a red couch waiting for the police to arrive. The officer arrives and punches me in the stomach really hard, then proceeds to punch someone else in the face to the point of knockout. I loose breath, but I’m still conscious and can barely understand what the police officer is saying. Then al of a sudden another office comes and BREKS MY RIGHT ARM. After being in pain for what it feels like an eternity I wake up thinking my arm is broken. What. The. Fuck