Lasagna Brain

Date: 5/19/2019

By DreamDawg

So there’s was something with cooking before this but the transition between dreams was Dr. P cooking lasagna. I actually had some but then everything went weird. Suddenly, people I knew were crazy with lasagna brain. Ava, David, Brandon, and others were now with me stationed in the library (it was also my chemistry classroom cause my dreams be like that) on laptops because it was the end of the year. And one by one, adults and friends became lasagna-ed. Lasagna Brain looks like you are dead in the eyes and all you can think about is making this special lasagna recipe. This recipe requires very special instructions as it must be made by someone who is white with freckles (strangely Dr P is black), and the vegetables in it must be picked by “someone innocent” and so on. I learned this when I joined went to Mrs S’s class only to find she had turned everyone to the lasagna side. One of these strange lasagna days I told Ava I was going to walk around and she should meet me in the library where our classmates were. Except something was wrong. And I knew. I told her I would meet her upstairs, knowing I never would. These lasagna zombies can’t really figure tricks and stuff out so Ava went up the stairs and I went into the library and sadly announced we had lost another. We kids walked around the school at our own discretion and I eventually ran into mr L who in real life let us hang out in his room during the last days of school. This time, however, he was just milling around in the hallway and when I talked to him I knew he had been lasagna-es. He was too nonchalant and his eyes were glazed. He told me I shouldn’t go to his room but somewhere that I knew I would be in danger of the lasagna. I quickly returned to the library to tell them that a good teacher was lost to us. Another time, a mother came looking for her daughter, Gabby, but the mom had glazed eyes. All the students in the library knew what to do. “She’s just down the hall.” I pointed down one of the long stretches of hallway (the school is a giant square). “In fact, I think I just saw her round the corner so she’s exactly opposite of us.” David and others said the same thing. And the woman, not being able to truly think for herself, thanked us and when in search of her daughter. tbh I don’t know why we were still in the school when we were clearly in danger but it’s a dream. At the end, we were huddled in the library, packing up and getting ready to move out. We had our laptops in hand along with their chargers. I had to help Brandon pack up his baby bro’s baby crib thing and I have no idea why he would bring his brother to the dangerous place but who knows. We were packing up when we heard a noise and we all got real hunched. There was a red laser pointer highlighting a wall. I recognized it from the movies and knew there had to be troops outside in the hallway but I didn’t know if they were taking us to eat lasagna or destroy it. I peeked out library windows into the hallway and saw troops crouched along the wall, some holding lasagna teachers in holds as the teachers kinda struggled. I told my students to get low and I shouted at the soldiers that we were safe and there was no danger. They entered except reality warped and they became far away, across a field but I could still hear them. They were here to help us and one commander was telling us to join them in the fight. He was doing all these different dance moves while doing it which Dream Me thought was hilarious. Then I woke up.