The demegorgan game

Date: 6/19/2019

By mads_dreams

Basically my dream last night included me and a bunch of other random people and we were in this video game but it seemed really realistic. There was the demegorgan from Stranger Things and I think several of them actually, and all these people and I had to hide all over this map and it was huge. There was a school, an office, this weird candy place, and a campground that I hid in. When it turned dark, you’d have to hide before the demegorgans came out and killed you. I was doing pretty surprisingly good although some people I were hiding with and hanging out with were loud and we almost got caught by one because these two people kept shooshing each other and wouldn’t stfu. But at the end of this dream I hid in this giant tent with a bunch of other girls and then suddenly the demegorgan found us and killed the others, but I ran out the other side and tried to escape out of the forest, but I couldn’t jump over the bushes and log in my path. The demegorgan saw me and closed me in and then killed me. Then it was like “game over” and I woke up.