Zombie Attack

Date: 4/19/2017

By AbbyK

So I just remember hiding out in this little shed next to my house with all of my friends. We had sleeping bags, food, and weapons out there but I don't know why we didn't go inside the house. We had this thing blocking the door and all of a sudden these people from down the road came with all of these guns and were holding us captive in there. There was one girl inside with us and the rest were outside. The girl took my spot by the door and I went to my friends. We were trying to figure out what to do. Then we heard zombies outside and the people holding us captive being eaten. The girl opened the door and gave up on life. I guess she was just going to let everyone die. So I ran over to her, pushed her out and held the door closed. The zombies were too strong and were pushing the door open. I remember their hands touching me and the door opened. My friends started shooting them. For some really weird reason, two people looked like zombies, but they were more human. They spoke to us like humans and they were taking one of my friends captive. I told another friend to shoot them and she did. We decide we need to move somewhere else. The dream switches, but we still have the same goal. Instead of my friends, it's my family. We are inside my house now and my grandma is talking about going through this little abandoned town and bridge to get to her old cabin that was big enough to fit everyone. I remember saying, "great so we'll have more entrances for them to come through." We started packing up everything. I had a checklist in my mind and was getting those things: toothbrush and toothpaste, weapons, and some other stuff. After I did that, I looked outside and I could see my neighbors house behind me lit up in flames. I see them run out of their house towards ours. We hate them, so we all hurry to leave. I remember that I need extra clothes and I run to my bedroom. Everyone is yelling for me to hurry up. The scene changes and we're at the cabin. It's 3 stories tall and is on this farmland. We walk inside and there are all of these creepy paintings my grandma says she doesn't remember putting up. They're all portraits of people and their eyes literally followed you. We all forgot about the zombies because now we were living in a haunted house.