Date: 3/15/2017

By broadwayylmao

In this dream I switched from third world to first person, but I was always focused on the same person. This is the first dream in a long time where I wasn't myself. I played a man that looked like Christian Bale, and lived in a world where long-term memories were able to be adjusted and dreams didn't exist anymore. I started by seeing a play put on by a college, sitting next to a woman who looked like a young Susan Sarandon. We were partners for the government to stop free range thought. We lived in this very creepy nunnery with a bunch of other agents. They respected me, but respected (who I'll just call) Susan's boyfriend more. I hated him but never let it show. One day we and some others were in a group down by the local beach. I went under water for something and hit my head, and I had a vision of a kidnapping situation at a run-down McDonalds. I was pulled from the water and woke up, immediately telling others what I saw. Because dreams of any kind are forbidden, they all treated me like I was crazy. I begged them to listen to me, but they said that their Gods and the creepy religion we were apart of wouldn't give me a thought like that and that I was making it up. Everything went downhill from here. Because he had a dream his vision of everything was skewed. The house they lived in wasn't luxurious all, but incredibly horrifying. The house was crumbling, blood caked the walls. People they "rescued" who were supposed to be healing were rotting in beds or in bathtubs, dead. But the strangest thing were the agents were still talking to them. They believed there bodies would rise from the dead, or that they were fine. I was starting to go insane, trying to find someone who would listen. Susan's boyfriend secretly told Susan that they should get rid of me before I become an issue. Susan tells him that I'm a great agent and that I just need to take a break. Finally I meet with her and beg her to listen to me. She does, but she doesn't fully believe it and struggles to pick her side -- especially when everything she sees is fine. One night we hear a noise and go out to investigate. We bring in a tired straggler, who says she keeps having this visions at night. I notice everyone looking at each other, but I know this woman is my only option. I tell the woman who runs the building in front of Susan and her boyfriend and other agents that I will take care of her. The master of the house looks past me and asks Susan's boyfriend what we should do with her. I tell them that I am their superior and that I have it, but she talks over me. Finally Susan's boyfriend says, "I know what to do." And takes the girl. I don't know what happened to her. We get a call of finding bodies in the run down McDonalds I had a vision of. Susan, her boyfriend and I are the leading investigators. We walk in to find coffins filled with rotting bodies. Susan is talking to them like they're gonna be okay, like everything's fine when I in fact see their flesh rotting and smell it underneath the lid. Then I woke up.