vivid and fucked

Date: 2/16/2017

By DreamFlyer

Came from work and my door was unlocked. Everything seemed alright then 2 girls were in a bed in another room ( same apartment just and extra room). Went to lie on top of one to fuck but couldn't get hard so gave up and went to the couch. Another girl was there so we started to have fun I recognized here from some where ( my thought was we had sex before). Still could not get horny so just lied down on my couche. I got up to maybe try for more fun with those girls and 2 guys were fucking them. I then heard a loud group talking so I walked to the back and there were a bunch of people chilling and smoking. Thought nothing of it and went back to my couch. I looked for a cigarette but couldn't find one so asked to buy one and I did put it down and it disappeared. Went on the balcony, a few people were there and this creepy guy who said " you're going to see some crazy shit you've never seen before. They all got up and left to another apartment, at that point I could hear other parties happening in my apartment building. I went to look in the hallway and it was destroyed. Walked up to another apartment and decided to just chill in my own. My friends came over. Chris Scott and someone had their faces covered with this metallic stuff. Instantly thought of iron man. I looked at my phone and it was being hacked I could open and close the screen but everything else was being controlled/hacked. Alex b was leaving so I said wait let me get a smoke I'll join you and call the police with your phone since I can't mine. I didn't recognize any buttons and had to ask him to call. I called and we walked out my door down the hall and thought no I'm going to lock my door. I turn and walk back trying the lock and realizing someone literally broke into my apartment. There's a guy in my tub with a night gown filling the tub with piss and rolling in it, I stood there looking in horror when some guys came through my door and I ju add to looked at them for help. One of them looked me in the face and said "I told you". I looked back in the bathroom and the guy was standing with his dick in hand. My bathroom covered in blood.  I left the bathroom and went to my living room where guys were there. I asked them to please leave cause I was and one guy grabbed my wrist so tight it's like it left a burn. He told me to shut up and let him play my console. I finally broke free of his grip and I was just outside somewhere. I didn't want to walk so I jumped up and swam around in the air, while flying I passed 2 men and the just laughed. I could feel their astonishment (who wouldnt). Then a lady looked at me in complete surprise and said I'm a photographer but can only take your picture this one time. So I did. I went to the police station brought back a lady officer and showed everything. That's when I saw my console cracked open and used as an ashtray. My laptop and tvs were destroyed. Along with my white ps3 slim ( sold it months ago) games destroyed or stolen. A hunch backed guy came in with letters and apologized. I said for what and he said destroying my cat. I yelled which and he said the brown one pointing in the hallway. I ran to him and his back paw was split right up to his thigh. All my cats looked badly mangled and I just yelled for him to leave. There was a moment in the dream where I grabbed something and said to the others in the room this is just a dream this right here doesn't make sense. I woke up 2 or 3 times in the same dream thinking it was over. Only to have it be continuing.