friend tried to kiss me

Date: 2/27/2019

By virginiamf

I was in what was supposedly my friend Reid’s house, but I’ve never been. His dad was downstairs, so Reid took me upstairs to a cove-like area and gestured for me to sit there. I’ve always been suspicious that he likes me, so I worried he would try something but sat anyway. He tried to kiss me, rather than reject him, I almost let him, but then I got really hot (like temperature wise, not sexually). I pushed him away and got out of the cove. And then, I felt some tics coming on (because I have Tourette syndrome), and I ended up developing a new tic where I banged my head on the wall and repeated a phrase over and over again. I can’t remember it. Then, I went downstairs alone and basically cried to his dad about how I couldn’t be romantically involved with Reid because I see him as a brother. Suddenly I was on my way to my therapist’s office, except it was in a mall. I had to take a subway type thing to get there. On my train car was only me and one other person, and we both happened to be carrying the same camera (I don’t know why). It was my camera—a Canon Rebel T6. We discussed how I got it for Christmas a few years back and haven’t got anything good for Christmas since. Then, I went into the mall and was mystified that my school secretary wasn’t there (I thought she was my therapist’s secretary in the dream). I woke up after my therapist called my name.