Zombie Break-In

Date: 3/16/2017

By unearthedoxx

I saw shriveled Up fingers poking through the air ducts . I don't know why I ignored it at first. Then the zombie came out . It was a woman . We didn't have any weapons . The whole time I was thinking "I need a gun" . If I had a gun I would feel safe. I remember a guy zombie trying to break in through the back door so I grabbed a knife and started knifing him like in call of duty zombies. I can't explain the feeling I was having . High levels of anxiety . I was with other people. Every time I have a dream like this where hiding or escaping is a must . There's always an attic door that's just a little out of reach. A door that I know if I can enter id be safe for now. We had no choice but to leave the house . I got in my car . I'm not sure where we were going . I just remember speeding to get somewhere safe