The Hide and Hunt

Date: 6/22/2017

By KaitlynAdelle

I keep having this dream that I'm in this place - I don't know where - and I have to hide from someone or they will harm me. I keep hiding is this bathroom that is brightly lit with a group of people in it with me. Someone always yells and one time I did. Above the mirror is a cutout where you can see out into the other room. Despite all the talking and yelling we don't get caught? I feel like it's a school or a public place. Once I get to the bathroom the dream stops. Last night it stopped once the predator came in the bathroom looking in the bathroom and left. He didn't see me or the group I was with? I'm also the last one to ever come into the bathroom - so when I come in there's already a group of people and I'm ALWAYS the last one to come in. No one comes in after I do.