I witnessed a murder

Date: 6/19/2017

By AliWiley

So I was out on a date and it was going really well and we had been dating for a while so I was comfortable enough to do dinner out then a movie at his and so we go back to his after the movie and we're in his entertainment room, which has a home theatre (he was fairly rich so he owned a mansion), a pool table, and a few other things in it as well. So before the movie started for some reason our friend who was 6 months pregnant came over (we let her stay and it wasn't awkward..) so our date ended prematurely and we just hung out with her. So at the end of the film the doorbell rings (it's like 2am or so) so the guy goes downstairs to answer the door and all the pregnant girl and I hear is "hello?" *splatter accompanied by a half second blood curdling scream* So I decided I wanted to hide under the pool table in a box with a lid and a handle hole (Idk how I knew I would fit in the box I'm not questioning it) and I instantly put my phone on silent and turn my screen light off (there's a way you can I found out how like a week ago) and as I'm climbing in the box the pregnant girl gestures toward the door and I'm mad gesturing like "don't you dare go that way" and then we hear footsteps coming up the stairs, but they were really heavyset, and the guy I had been on a date with was really light footed so we knew it wasn't him. So we both freeze for a milli-second, and then she started moving towards the door and I get in the box and close the lid as silently as possible. So then I hear "hey who are..."*splatter accompanied by a half second blood curdling scream* and my blood runs cold. So all the lights are on and everything and I'm doing a mental checklist of all the things that her and I brought seeing if there's anything out in the room that is going to give away that I'm there, and I can't seem to remember anything, but I'm still scared to no end. So then I hear the guy enter the room (the hallways were hardwood and the entertainment room is carpet) and I hold my breath. Idk how long I held my breath for but it seemed like ages. So then I hear him leave the room after probably like 10 minutes of searching (I had to breathe a few times, but I could hold my breath for like 2 minutes so...) and then I hear him opening random doors looking for other people I guess. (The guy and I had been dating for a while so I know the layout of his house pretty well) and when I heard him open a door on the opposite side of the house, I got my phone out and called 911. The operator answered and I immediately (in the quietest voice I could possibly use) said 'don't talk. He'll hear you. I'm Ali. 423 west grove ave. he's in the house. Two dead. Maybe more. Hurry." *click* and I just waited. The guy was passing the entertainment room as I hung up, and he came in the room again convinced he missed something. So I peered out of the handle hole and saw that he was on the opposite side of the room searching, but then he turned and started walking straight towards me. I stg I thought he had seen me. But just as he was reaching for the lid the door downstairs burst open and the police started up the stairs shouting " police we know you're in there. Drop the weapon and put your hands in the air where we can see them." They tackled the guy and handcuffed him and took him out to the police car. The policemen start saying things like 'Ali it's ok we've apprehended him. You're safe now you can come out' So I climbed out of the box and one of the policemen wrapped a blanket around me and told me everything was gonna be ok. Then they led me outside and past my two dead friends, and they hadn't been covered up yet so I could see that they had been 100% decapitated and I fell down hyperventilating and had to be carried outside and then I woke up.