The Meat Cooler.

Date: 3/15/2019

By AazureaatheE

This dream was relatively short (thankfully) but still remains as one of the most jarring nightmares that I've ever had. Before we start, a little background is necessary. In my high school years, my school had a slaughterhouse/meats processing facility that the students could work at, should they be interested. It was pretty standard; stun the animal, exsanguinate, remove the head, skin, and feet, eviscerate, saw in half, and hang in the cooler. I worked in the meats lab for about three years, and I'd never had any problem with it up until this nightmare. The dream begins as a normal day in the meats lab, me and a good friend from high school had just sawed a pig carcass in half, and we were getting ready to hang it and slide the halves into the cooler. My friend slides in the last half, while I slide in the first. He was closer to the door so he made it out of the cooler first. On my way back to the door, it slams shut and one of the knobs smacks me in the forehead. I fell down, disoriented, before regaining my bearings and rising up to my feet. To my surprise, however, the door now had no knobs at all, and it couldn't be pushed open by force. Flustered, I walk to the other wall of the cooler to access the door that led into the packaging room. There was no door, only a continuous metal wall. Turning back to the first door, I see that it has now disappeared as well. I start to feel a little panicked now, seeing as how I was locked in a giant fridge full of stinking animal carcasses. Turning around a bit, I notice a large, rectangular opening in one of the walls. I walk toward it. It looks as if it were made very recently. The opening looked smoothly cut, trimmed with a fine chrome that led into a long corridor, made of reflective chrome plates. Bright fluorescent lights dotted the ceiling in a linear fashion. I looked down the corridor, edging toward it. About 20 or so feet down, it took a 90° turn to the right. I stepped one foot into the shiny new corridor before I was greeted by a strange sound behind be. I turn around to look, and to my absolute horror, two halves of a beef carcass had begun to stitch back together, zipping up the middle like a jacket zipper made of flesh and bone. It put itself about halfway back together before it started jerking around violently. A few more seconds and it manages to pull its legs off the two rolling hooks holding it up, slamming into the cooler floor hard enough to almost knock me off balance. The carcass has then put its two halves together everywhere except in the front of the rib cage, which remained slightly opened. The carcass then wiggles around unnaturally before standing upright on its hind stump legs. The carcass then begins this rapid, jerky waddle towards me, its chest briefly opening and closing to reveal its, now bloodied thoracic cavity. Stinking bile and old blood began to periodically spew and drip from its opened chest. I turned around and began running down the new corridor as fast as I could. I could still hear it gaining fast behind me. Terrifying belch- like gurgling screams came from inside its chest as it chased me down the corridor. The dream suddenly fades out and I soon wake up, completely terrified. From that day on I never went back into the cooler.