mr t again?????????? wtf

Date: 6/14/2017

By lissietn

sooooo it was the last day of school and i was really sad so my parents got me this therapist but all she did was make me repeat words that were hard to pronounce. i was so sad that i fell to the floor and started crying. so she decided i should probably be repeating easier words. but yeah then i was at school and it was the last lesson of the year. my teacher should've been ms jackson as i was in S2 but instead mr tait was hosting. he was gunna put on a film but for some reason the class all moaned. i think he'd made us watch it many times before. so he decided against it and instead made us go on a zip wire race around the dodgy parts of a city. it was really cool and i was in second place for most of the way! but unfortunately my knees slipped off the zip wire. thank fully shannon helped me get them back on and i saw mr tait smile. but somehow i was really far behind everyone after this and couldn't catch up. next thing i know i'm back in the class and everyone's leaving. i'm trying to sort my stuff out slowly because i wanna talk to mr tait and say goodbye and stuff but i'm too awkward to approach him so i'm kinda just hoping he'll come to me. he doesn't. i think this is the end of the dream? also there was something to do with a pretty pink cyclops fairy.