Too many dreams at the same time

Date: 1/16/2017

By Charlieebluesphinx28

I woke up at my old school, Wilson Central. My boyfriend was there so was all his friends and all of mine than I started to wake and they started to disappear into smoke and my boyfriend Anthony I tried to reach out and touch him and he turned into smoke too and I start to cry because I am all alone and I don't know where to find everyone than I middle of the woods and I see thoses big huge wolves come up to me and and I get on my knees so they know I won't hurt them the Alpha smells me and it bows it head I look up and they are bowling down for and the thing is I don't know why at all. I have no clue. I look around my vision starts to change and I look at my self again an I turned into a wolf. The Alpha starts to talk in my head asking how I am doing and how I feel about the changes that are made to me I try to talk back but it does not work he comes up to me and sits next to me as I try to stand up and the feel of walking on four feet instead of two feet. Than I hear a noise in my house and I wake up. But I have a feeling this is just the beginning of this dream.