Gas station Abduction

Date: 5/19/2017

By FrickinAngel67

I was at a gas station and the owner had me come inside to sign the credit card slip. He gave me a glass of water or something and somehow managed to lock me in a room! I think it was for a couple of days or something but not sure and finally, he untied me for some reason and I ran from him and burst out of the station but my car was gone. I ran through the area we were in, very fun down and rough and was terrified he would get me again but I somehow made it all the way to a resort town called St. Stephen. At the resort they let me call Jon and the police. Somehow I managed to see the kid appear again and he was telling my friend how "special" I was and I was terrified all over again, even though he was in custody (I think) because I remembered the awful time with him.