Tofu Temper Tantrum, Fairy Tale Love

Date: 1/31/2019

By Fitful

I'm in a grocery store and I'm angry and upset. I can't find anything. All the tofu is gone. I really needed tofu for the recipes I planned for the week. I'm so sad I can't find anything I need. The grocery store looks like it's missing half its stock. I drag around a tare panda stuffed bear and hug it when I get really sad. I knock over displays. At first it's by accident. I'm so mad I just keep knocking them over without paying attention, usually from behind. But it keeps happening so much so an employee tells me I have to leave. I refuse as I haven't got my groceries and I sit on the floor in front of the freezer section munching on Pinapple fiercly. I feel mad about that too. Now I actually have to buy something as I already ate some. ~ I'm a dude in this one. There is a redheaded woman. She is amazing, fierce, strong, brave, opinionated. We dated or we're dating. Or we're not. I'm not sure but there is a lot of history. And none at all. We meet, or meet again, and she is unimpressed with me. She helps me get my groceries home, she accompanies me sitting in the side car of my motorcycle. She isn't paying attention to the place as we drive up. I live in a castle, a fairy tale old style castle, with turrets and moss and ivy and dark dark grey stone, and this fairy tale vibe. I get the impression of some real life beauty and the beast except I'm perfectly fine looking I suppose. She is gorgeous though so that is a fit. She is planning on going to sleep. Well, not a normal sleep, a thousand year sleep. She won't be back for a while. So romance is beyond the question she tells me. I show her my castle. Or she shows me. There is a strong swing, the branch holding it looks untrustworthy, but she tells me it's so strong it will always grow back. I remove it, and it does. The swing is safe.