Date: 6/21/2017

By beanofthejill

I had a dream where I wanted to go sailing. I wanted to go sailing for some reason because it my dad. He was no longer around and maybe I wanted to find him, or experience the same things he did. My brother and I planned to go at dusk, but mom eventually convinced us to go in the morning because it was getting dark out. I fell asleep and suddenly woke up on the ship and had to sail us back to shore. I told my brother that we need more than us as crew members. We need a captain and other crew people that can help us on out journey. My brother said it was okay cause I had all the paperwork such as insurance and things alike that. He then further proceeds to tell my mom that she can't even do the things I am doing. she agreed. While we are talking, a car that has the ability to drive on water appears into my view. I ask why they are driving them now, but then answer myself by saying it's because there is a storm. The cars (now 2) drive towards the storm on the water. There apparently was a large gate and fence around us, so when the cars got too close, the gate shut. In the stormy waters, there suddenly were alligators and T.V. crew people. They TV crew was volunteering people to risk their lives and defeat a shark. Some guy next to me was volunteered, then me. For whatever reason, my parents and family there encouraged me (mom, brother, sister, dad is dead). I am dropped into the alligators mouth, where I am forced to pry it open. I see someone eaten by the alligator (looked like Kiley), so this further encourages me to pry the alligators mouth other. Snap, snap, snap, snap, four snaps and the alligators jaw is now broken. I drop into the water with the dead alligator and then swim up to the latter area on the dock. My family and TV crew members cheer. "This young lady, junior, risked her life for a alligator. Is there anything you'd like to say to the people?" I tell the camera that I need some crew members for our journey, such as a captain. Fast forward to the morning, a captain comes and inspects my ship. He says it's a real beauty It's kind of hazy from this point. All I remember at the end is I bet on something with the number or slot 9 and I lost. I might have been aiming to sail towards an island/land area that I have dreamt about before.