i made out with a boy that my best-friend liked

Date: 3/22/2019

By xnoemmii

so my best friend , the boy , a few other friends , and I all went out on a Friday to six flags ,you know just to hang out. So the plan was to get my best-friend and the boy to get with each other , so she kept flirting with him but he wasn’t really going for it. It was the end of the night and we all waiting for our parents to pick us up everyone else got picked up except for me and the boy. We’re talking for a while because our parents still aren’t there and i’m trying to talk about my friend bc you know she likes him. But he will keep changing the subject , and it’s so easy to talk to eachother. while talking about something we both look into each others eyes just gazing at eachother and i knew what was gonna happen but i didn’t think to stop it because it felt so right , i wasn’t even thinking of my friend. Anyways we kissed looked at each other and knew it was right , we made out for a good 5 mins and then my mom got there. The feeling was amazing.