Infection Dbz

Date: 7/24/2017

By Pharzuph

started off with me taking someone to the hospital for an ill looking condition. Had the person checked in and went to the reception area. Their was a ton of people sick. After awhile I was in a line to speak with the receptionist to ask how it was coming along. i kept getting cut off by people and left the line. Went to an area where they kept the babies. Some guy was walking carrying a sick baby around when alot of noise was heard outside the room. It seemed that the infection spread and was turning people into rabid zombies. They locked the door in the baby room but the sick baby had turned aswell. i crawled through a vent to a different room. When i got in the room i peeked out the door. The rabid had ran off after having killed all they could. I ran out of the room through some corridors and ran into a group of them. They noticed me and charged towards me. I found myself yelling Kame hame ha!! Releasing a blue wave of energy. Managed to kill them but the light attracted more. I got mad then went full Super saiyan and attacked again. Suddenly another guy showed up and did final flash on a group that was next to me. I said thanks he nodded then I woke up!!😫