Swimming with the family

Date: 7/19/2017

By wanda1316

I was swimming in a public pool with my cousins and my sister. It was like it was in the past before we all split up. My male cousin jumped off a high diving board. My oldest female cousin was swimming underwater with her eyes open and no goggles. My youngest cousin and I were competing with each other. We were starting to get upset. All of my cousins and sister joined in. My youngest cousin took her swimsuit off and swam naked. I considered it. Then a random dark haired woman approached us and told us we should all be ashamed. She gave us a speech about how we shouldn't have low self esteem, we were all beautiful, and we should just love each other. She said we all had beautiful eyes. She said she wished she were as beautiful as any of us. Her point was that we should be content with our appearance and stop competing with each other. She succeeding in making all of us feel ashamed. Then we put our clothes back on because we were all immodest.