Cult trying to kill me

Date: 2/7/2019

By PandaPuff

So I have no idea if I was apart of this cult and the reason they were attempting to murder me was because I wanted out, but here goes what I can remember. I ran outside and by this carport. I have no idea how they didn't see me hiding behind a 3 inch pole. This other girl wanted out too, but they beat her to death. While they were busy beating her, I like FLEW in a crawling position to the end of the carport and these two girls saw me but pretended they didn't. I'm guessing they also wanted out. I took off running down the street and dove behind these thick bushes. I told an old lady who was watering some flowers that I had to hide or people would kill me. She didn't even seem concerned and just kept smiling. I got inside the bush and kept quiet as I heard two guys from the cult walking right in front of it. The old lady went up to them and was like,"You two gays are welcome, I'm so proud of you." This pissed them off and they screamed,"WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?!" And beat her to death. They shoved her body IN THE BUSH I WAS IN, somehow didn't see me. I was scared and wanted to get out. My internet friend, Russ, was a dog and he was in the bush eating tomatoes. He told me to run to another state or something. I took off through the woods and I could hear them getting closer. I stopped to see my dad WHO WAS A WOLF dead. He had been missing. Russ was like we don't have time for this, we have to go. In another state, I went into some aquarium and some girl from the cult somehow caught up with me and we continued running together.