Anil Agawal's car

Date: 6/28/2019

By smitra11

Somehow got introduced to Anil Agarwal, the business magnet and we and another guy were traveling in his car. He was driving, me beside him in the front seat. After a while he said he had to go somewhere that can be reached while car was in reverse. So he started reversing. He twisted himself to see the rear which after a while was tedious, I felt. And we were talking about Steel industry. He was the one talking mostly. I had lot of favors to ask him but couldn't, it just would have spoiled the balance of the moment. So I didnt ask. After a while I offered to drive. He said fine. The car was a big SUV. I got to the driver seat. The controls were unusual. It didnt have an accelerator or brake. Everything was in the steering wheel he said. A valve had to be turned for speed. A switch has to be pressed to stop. I asked how to brake slowly. He pointed at another switch. It was complicated. Another knob to go reverse or forward but not in a simple way, because that stick had other functions too. It was all complicated. I was unsure but I didnt wish to appear like a fool. So I started. I thought he was measuring how I was driving so if I drove well there was to be some reward. I concentrated on driving but very apprehensive.