Strange flying rabbit, and strange moments at a store

Date: 6/29/2019

By TheMeaningOfRecit

Unfortunately, I forgot this dream, but here's two parts I remember. 1. Me, Mom, and my sister were riding in our new dark blue car. Mom was driving, and Jaycee and I was in the back. We was on a straight two-lane on flat ground surrounded by trees. Mom says, "Look, it's the Easter Bunny!" and then I say "Where?" and look out the right window for it, and there was a regular rabbit, but one half of it was red and the other white, with the colors evenly split. It was staying at the car looking right, and was levitating without moving at all, like a photo being moved. About 1 or 2 seconds after this, the bunny's white side turns black and the red side turns white, and flies to the right. Then Mom says something like, "It's gone now because you mentioned it.” Then I look ahead of me and the car has reached a dead end. The road was blocked by the trees. We stop there. 2. I was at an unknown store that doesn't actually exist in real life. The store had a white floor and ceiling, and the walls had a big blue line going across. The bottom area of the line was gray and the top was white. There was two other people with me. The first one is Rebekah, one of my classmates. The other is unknown. We were in an aisle, and the shelves were also white, and both ends led to another path with one of those freezer walls where they keep the drinks. One of the walls were empty and the other was full of random drinks. The drink wall had a freezer dedicated to Bud Light. Then I said, "We need to get to 10". We went to the side with the drinks. Then I said "Grab #1", and Rebekah got a bottle of something, which was apparently wrong because I said, "That's not #1". Then I teleported to the other side with no drinks, and put that drink in a random place, even though it was wrong. The same thing happened, but I was going up with the numbers, which Rebekah got wrong every time, and it was a different brand each time. I think one of the labels was a Bud Light and the drink was brown. The 4th one was not a bottle. It was a tall yellow can, with a logo that was a wide diamond and had writing I could not read in it. The top of the diamond was a symbol which looked 'royal' but I forgot what was connected to the top point. There was a horizontal line separating two lines of text in the middle. The line doesn’t touch the diamond. All of this was white with a small black outline on the yellow can. That was wrong too, and the same thing happened. Only this time, when I closed it, I realized that every single one of the freezer doors had a big white horizontal line that went across. On the left side of the line was a red circle with the number 18 on it. The other side was blue text that I could read. It said, "You cannot open this if you are under 18". After that, I said, "Wait, I don't think we should be opening these", but they didn't listen. Rebekah grabbed another bottle, which was the 5th. The cycle stopped on #5. After all of that, I teleported to the counter, which was also white. This part of the store looked exactly like the Hatfield Market (counter with the exit and a one-way mirror to the right, and an area past the mirror), but had the colors of how I described it, and the one-way mirror was gone. Mom, Dad, and my sister were leaving, but I didn't go. Then the cashier said, "They left you". That's when I ran out. The outside looked like the Walmart outside, but the Walmart sign wasn't there, and the entire building was gray. On the sidewalk near the road was blue parking meters going across the sidewalk. The one I was near was the only one that had a dirt ground around it. When I came outside, I did not see my family anywhere. After that, an old lady that I never seen before came up to me. She tried to sell me something without mentioning what it was. I said no the first time, but when she asked again, I said yes. I grabbed my money out of my pocket. I had a $20 bill, several $5, and several $3 bills. I didn't know the money I had, so I looked through them. When I saw the $20, she said, "What's that?" and I looked up and said "What?" She didn't respond, so I continued with the money. Then I gave her one of the $3. After that, she said, "That'll be £20" and threw a bunch of quarters to the ground. Then she just walked away. I began picking up the quarters and putting them in the parking meter. While I was doing it, I saw my family leaving the parking lot with the dark blue car.