Digital sky disclosure

Date: 6/27/2019

By ladydmj

I was in a cool bar in London & it was quite dark, then suddenly started to become light. I looked at the sky and there was a crazy looking eclipse & the sun looked really red, but it looked much bigger than usual. As it got light there was a flash & the sky started to change & look weird. A kind of net appeared across the sky & then the whole sky became a screen with flashing text and images. I started to video it as I realised it was educational and disclosure material revealing real truths about the world/history & political figures in fast flashes. It was incredible and as I looked around, it looked like there was a giant net across the whole sky, which was capturing hundreds of projections from the buildings down the street we were on. There didn’t seem to be any panic, it was almost an acceptance and relief of finally knowing the truth, whilst also feeling that internal shattering of knowing that the world will never be the same again...