Ecstasy & Threesome

Date: 5/31/2019

By AwakeUniverse

I remember that I just arrived at someone’s house... there were 3 girls. After a while they gave me one pill, and i was like “oh thanks a lot, appreciate it” as if they were supposed to buy it for me... It was red, quite bigger than usual and a very complex logo on it. Meanwhile I asked them, “how can i return the favor” and i dont remeber who came with the idea, me or them, but someone said verry relaxed “we could fuck” and i was looking at two of the girls and said “we could have a nice threesome” after that i turned my head to the right and spotted the other girl and added “or a foursome...” I remeber telling them “ok cool i’m going to shower first” and i went to the shower. Got undressed, and took out the pill. I took a quarter, i remember thinking “i’ll just take a quarter to last longer, not the whole pill not to be able to cum” I came from the shower, entered the room, (there were only 2 girls left, idk where the other one went) and sat beside one of the girls on the couch. She was brunette, quite hot, she was wearing a black undershirt... shortly after, very relaxed, i lean towards her and started making out with her. I grabbed her breasts and the other girl joins. Next i remember we were all naked, and they were making out in front of me. I lean on the back, and one girl started to give me a BJ, (i remeber grabbing her hair from the back of her head) while the other is making out with me... shortly after, the girl that was giving me head, grabbed my dick and started fucking me, moving her ass gently. Felt amazing. Then the other girl stands up, she spreaded her pussy and sat on my mouth... I dont remember all the details but it was a lot of action...and it went on for a decent amount of time...i was still licking that pussy and the other one was fucking me, they were both moving like crazy... then i came inside of her while the other one was sitting on my face. Felt amazing!