Sketchy amusement park

Date: 7/25/2019

By TheRealBS

Brianna and I were at a amusement park looking for the rest of the group the park was really cool looking at first then it got really sketchy and creepy the deeper we got into it, so we decided to go watch a movie (Steve Irwin was definitely in it) and mid movie there was a commercial so I went to go get snacks as I walked past the bathroom I saw it was massive like 800 feet wide and long when I got back it was super cold (cold enough to see your breath) and I pulled this blanket out of my pocket from an infomercial and it unfolded into a full size blanket, so I gave it to Brianna and she saw that was cold too so she gave me half then people started taking pictures of us (I think to tell on me for bringing the blanket) then the movie ended and we both went to the bathroom and in the men’s there were a lot of creepy people and I just kept my distance, when I got out the woman’s was out of service so we went to find another but every single one was out of service so we found Nicole and Renee and we decided to investigate and found out that a guy had put all the signs on the doors to try kidnap all the girls