Missing my bus

Date: 4/18/2019

By sammy12445

I thought I missed my bus and no one was home to drive me to school not Even our family friend could drive me to school. So I called mom to see what I should do and she said take city bus I will call the school and say you will be late. Cause that was the only other way and then a guy I didn’t know came up to me there was a cop right there but he was injured so I took it into my own hands I Kicked I punched I knocked him down to the ground the cop was so surprised of what I could do. He called his boss and said there is this girl come see now. There was another bad guy I did the same thing the boss had a lot of money with him and he said with all of those moves you have you earned this money no one else I have seen with these have ever earned it I said thank you very much he asked were are you going I said the bus stop cause that is the only way I can get to school he said I will drive you. Thank you is what I said again. So when I got to school I called mom again and said I ran into two bad guys there was a cop injured and the boss I got a lot of money and the boss drove me to school she said that was very nice I hope you said thank you I said to her I did.