The Psychic

Date: 8/4/2017

By cbrecka

So my sister, girlfriend and I were traveling around to different states in search of this psychic my sister wanted to see. We finally found her in New Orleans so they went ahead and walked inside. I went up the steps and I could see she was looking at me funny, like something was off. I must've missed a step because I fell over the rail and into a tree, but the tree twisted around me to keep me from falling, like it was made of a stringy rubber. Once inside, there was a long dining table that we all sat at. The house was large and a little dirty, but had some style to it. Her two cats ran up to me wearing little outfits, but one was so ugly and had a weird overbite. I then realized that it wasn't a cat, but a dog, and told her to get it away from me because I am very allergic. She gave me an annoyed look and took away the dog. The lady finally took in my sister for her reading, they were laughing and seemed to get along well. I waited for what seemed like forever, but once they came back she didn't want to give me a turn. More people gathered around the dining table with us, just outsiders on the street. My sister accused the psychic of being a witch from the 1800s that helped a foreign country do some weird screwy shit. The psychic gets up, says "Oh, gotta blast!" grabs a packed bag and disappears. We walk outside to find her and on the porch I tried to blow my nose, but one nostril was clogged (thats how it was when I woke up too). Side note: This entire time I'm pissed off because my sister is a dumbass and would never research or travel to find a psychic, let alone know in depth History, and I wished it was me because I would do something like this. I "woke up" from the dream in my childhood room/bed. I looked up and at the end of my bed, my cat was hugging Blue Ivy, but she didn't want a hug. I made them redo the hug like 5 times to get a picture, but I don't even think I got it. Then I actually woke up.