Dangerous Waters

Date: 8/9/2017

By kxxvs

It was me, Rico and Jackson. (Both characters from Hannah Montana). In my dream we were all best friends and we had went on a cruise boat. We didn't go for a cruise though, we just went out on the water as a little "tour" I guess you could say. Earlier that day we had heard on the radio that the ocean was terrible right now. The tides were so strong that you could stand right in the water with it reaching not even up your ankles and it could knock you down. We went on the cruise anyway... along with about 20 other people. This was a ship made for hundreds... not much happened on the boat until I heard Jackson saying he would love to jump in. The water did seem kinda still at this point where we were but I still wasn't for it. The reason, because it was still storming and I could see waves coming from probably only 5 miles away. He wanted to jump still. Rico wanted to go in first. He hadn't until he seen how bad the water was and so he wanted to check for Jackson to see if he should even go in. So he jumped. And very shortly after, Jackson did too. The waves started coming. And the boat tipped over top of them and then onto/into the Pierre. Once we crashed I jumped out immediately to go save Jackson and Rico. As I was approaching the area where they both had jumped I seen Jackson arise from the water, Rico was still no where to be found. I searched under water still not being able to find him. "Over here" Jackson shouted. He was lying on some rocks probably 20 feet deep. I dived down to get him and I could feel the pressure already. I could feel my lungs collapsing as I grabbed his body. And when I say I could feel this all, I could feel it. I was lying in my bed and I felt the motion of the water and I felt myself fighting to get oxygen. Just as we arose, I seen 10 of Jackson, 10 of everything to be honest. Luckily there was a small paddle boat near us at this point so that my body could regain itself again but also so we could save Rico. Once we were on the boat, and Jackson did CPR, Rico gained consciousness again. Then a wave hit us again. Larger then I've ever seen. We were sucked into the water and never seen the light of day again. At least I imagine lol, I woke up after the wave hit us and I felt like I was actually drowning.