Wet Wedding

Date: 4/18/2017

By harassicpark

Kelsey and I were walking down the street, kind of looked like White Road. We were all dressed up for a wedding and my dress was plum and had the most ridiculously long train. When we got to the venue we were recognized Dan Erthal's white truck. He walked up to us and said it wasn't his truck but we should hop in and look at it. It was huge and a screen to my right changed back and forth to a tv show and the news and a review mirror. It had the weather on there too, so that was neat. I hopped out and walked with Kelsey inside and on the way to the little cottage we walked by this old railroad overpass that was so pretty. It was brick, and had lights everywhere. In the dusk it was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen and commented that it would make wonderful wedding pictures. We then walked down some wooden steps and that's where we saw Maggie, it may have been her wedding. We had come from a senior adult luncheon at church and so she had asked me if Caroline or Lindsey Shepherd were coming. I didn't know so I told her that and then I didn't see her after that. Kelsey went in first and it was full of people either standing around or preparing food. We got put to work making a pie with the hard little cherry empanadas from the bread store. When we had walked in I noticed that my socks were wet so I took them off. Other people had gotten wet and even a man was standing by the fire in his underwear waiting for his pants to dry.