B-fam get together

Date: 4/20/2017

By bails22

Dreamed we were doing family xmas. Went to my grandparents' house with my Bailey & Gopher. Granny was explaining how they had puppysat my aunt's new dog. Someone's baby was there (about 1 yr old) who I tried to play with so Granny wouldn't have to get up, but the baby was pinching me and being annoying so I just started pinching back harder and harder until I put him down. Gopher licked Grandpa while on his lap. We were watching tv. ...later... at my parents' split-level really nice house. Family xmas so cousins and everyone there. Opened presents, but it was a few months after xmas time. I got Ad one of those crystal lamps that were recalled because Ash suggested it, though Ad had no idea what it was. Also accidentally put a give to auntie M in with Ad's gift. Auntie Jo basically got the exact same thing I did a few years ago (the mailbox box, 3 ornaments, and something else) which dad noticed. There were people being the organizers/judges for a survivor ish thing (I think they were from Grey's). I went to the bathroom by what would be my bedroom (if I lived at home) and it was luxurious. The toilet wouldn't flush. I thought to myself "Why don't I live at home?" I left bathroom and had to ask which group to join. The judge lady gave me a suggestion to sit at the booth area by my group (like the ones in CCIS) since we would be acting out a scene with a couple.