Weirdest Prom/Homecoming

Date: 9/22/2019

By aesthetickait

Last night I had a dream that I was going to prom or homecoming with my boyfriend. I actually don’t have a boyfriend so I don’t even remember what the guy looks like in my dream. All I know is that he’s everything I dreamed of. I’m wearing this bright blue dress that just covers my knees and matching heels. The dress looks like the dark red one at my work with the gold zipper in the back except it’s blue. I remember being super annoyed/worried about my boobs because they were about to slip out or something and I had these silicone bra inserts for some reason. I remember seeing a few of my old classmates. I also remember they had rules at this weird place that they held the dance. One of the rules was that they had 8 rooms upstairs for people to have sex only in there. It was the weirdest thing. So my fake boyfriend and I go on a balcony that’s looking over the dance, and things get a little heated between us and we are about to have sex but then I wake up lol.