3 Dreams In One

Date: 2/1/2017

By kodokushoujo

The setting at first was a carnival where I stayed too long at. it was me and another friend who I can't remember its name. they were having a ball and I was too but I noticed something on the far side of the amusement park. it was a skull sitting on a swing isolated in the darkness with a wilting tree hovering over it. after sunset, my friend convinced me to stay even though it was closing. I kept hesitating but we ended up staying. After a few minutes, these creatures started to appear and live their own life. Like humans did at the carnival. They charged 3-5 bucks to enter. My friend and I hid. Someone picked me up and told me to pretend like I'm working there as a cover up. I was placed in a booth, selling dolls. I had to line them up before the boss came out. I noticed my friend and I were being watched by someone. He seemed jealous. Brown guy with beautiful blue eyes. This is where the dream switched to a haunted maze and my ex and I and I believe my mother were trapped inside. It was an awkward distant feeling when working with her to solve the puzzles.. My ex ended up solving the puzzle which the prize was hidden in the pews of an abandoned church underground lit up by candles. This is when the 3rd dream occurred at my exes high school graduation. I was depressed because she was an adult now and able to do what she wills because she's done being a kid.. she kept looking at me but didn't say anything. She looked beautiful in her robe and hat..